Why WiFi?

Why is this first post on the Epitome Living blog about something everyone already has?

Well, do you? Do you really have WiFi?

Do you have a stable WiFi connection, throughout your home, everywhere you’d want it? A WiFi connection which you would trust to run devices such as security cameras or door locks? Enough of the rhetorical questions already! If you do, that’s great – it really is! You can stop reading and wait for the next blog post 😊

The problem is, most people don’t 😞

I want to change that. I want everyone to have WiFi that works. WiFi you can rely on. WiFi that you can use – not just fast “enough” to watch HD video and stream music at the drop of a hat, anywhere in your home, but WiFi which is secure and scalable for modern living.

Boosters and extenders simply don’t cut it. Depending on the technology, a lot of the devices you can buy on the high street can half the speed with every hop, and possibly introduce more problems due to interference and differing frequencies. Add new building techniques and modern insulation into the equation, along with the free routers that your Internet Service Provider will provide you and it can get very messy. More and more complications for the DIYer who really just wants their WiFi to work.

Contact Epitome Living for a bespoke WiFi solution. Using professionally distributed, discrete and reliable equipment, we can get WiFi into every room you need it, to do all the things you need it to do. We’ll probably do it all in less than a day, too!

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