What is Loxone?

Although it’s mentioned in a few places on our website and social media channels, you may not have heard of Loxone. It’s not exactly a household name. Yet.

Loxone is our platform of choice for bespoke smart homes. The systems are powerful, yet don’t cost the earth. That, combined with compact, innovative installation solutions, means that it’s suitable for nearly any home. It’s small size makes it perfect for smart apartment blocks yet it’s expandability makes it perfect for large, luxury, high class houses. They’re an Austrian company, formed in 2009 with over 250 employees world wide. I’ve done plenty of research into their solutions and after experimenting myself and talking briefly to the MD of Loxone UK at ISE this year, I honestly believe they’re the best choice for 99.9% of homes.



We became a Silver Partner of Loxone a couple of months ago, and I’m delighted with the support I’ve received and innovation I’ve seen in that short time. Just this week, Loxone announced 2 fantastic new products. The NFC Code Touch is the missing piece of the puzzle for the loxone security system. Although it was always possible to have a fully functional alarm with Loxone, this really is the cherry on top.



Finally, Loxone also announced the Touch Surface. This is the epitome of simplistic integration. Nearly any surface can be turned into a smart home control. Installable behind walls, worktops, tiles or even into furniture, this really does give the opportunity to provide a minimalist finish in your home.


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