Before Christmas we had a flood. Not quite like that, though.

This was the cause:

We had some damage to kitchen cabinets as a result, and the floor took a while to dry out. The most annoying thing about this was, it would have been impossible in a smart home.

Aside: “You don’t have a smart home?!” Not quite yet! It’s in progress 😃

If I had one of these tiny water sensors behind that kitchen cupboard, I would have been alerted instantly to my phone. Instead, the water was trickling away, probably for days, and I didn’t even notice. Not until the wood started swelling 😟

They’re great for in a utility room, garage, basement, kitchen or anywhere you’d want to know about possible water ingress. Being notified of a water leak before it does any damage is a great idea – you just need to set it up before it has already happened…

Contact a home technology professional like us if you want to know more about how a smart home can detect problems and let you know instantly.

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