Apple HomeKit in Apple Stores

Last month, Apple rolled out interactive HomeKit demos to selected Apple retail stores around the world. This is great news for the home technology industry. Finally a “main stream” technology company is showcasing off-the-shelf, easy to install devices. I haven’t seen one of these displays in person yet, but no doubt they’re done in a way which be very hands on and user friendly. Apple have a great track record of fantastic customer experiences, so I’m quite sure that this will be a great success for them.

Recent technology changes to how HomeKit works in the background have meant that it’s a whole lot easier to implement than it was only a couple of months ago. These changes mean it should take a lot less time to integrate HomeKit functionality into devices as well as lowering the cost of the integration. Ultimately this will lead to more choice and lower costs for the consumer. Excellent – the more the merrier!

So, see that “Works with Apple HomeKit” logo above? If you’re an apple user and want to buy any smart home products, make sure it has that seal of approval. It’s crucial to getting a great user experience.

Have a look at Apple’s website to see the full list of HomeKit compatible devices on offer to the UK market currently:

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