Epitome Living is a full service technology company. We cover everything from support for off the shelf products, to fully bespoke smart homes or custom technology installations.
Passionate about technology all his life, Scott McMurray started Epitome Living in early 2017. It is the culmination of nearly 10 years of commercial software experience, joined with running a successful AV company since 2008.
The main aim for starting Epitome Living was to rid the world of antiquated homes which are not suitable for the demands people place upon them in the modern world, especially when the cabling infrastructure of new homes hasn’t really changed for most in the last 10-20 years*. I noticed a trend that people want more from their homes, but electricians, plumbers, developers or builders are not offering correct solutions. Epitome Living provides Bespoke Smart Homes, using rock solid hardware configured using reliable, secure, structured cabling following recognised industry standards. 
Scott McMurray
If you’re building or renovating, let us work with your architect or electrician early in your project to create a cable plan. Come to us for a Bespoke solution.
*see our blog for the latest on what’s needed to solve this